Sogni is a new club concept, a cosy place where you can get together with friends and immerse yourself in the art of aperitifs, food and music. Located a few steps from Corso Genova, Sogni offers a combination of experiences carefully enriched by music, drinks and conviviality. It is not just a restaurant; it is a place that makes you feel at home, where you can enjoy authentic and genuine flavours in an atmosphere that skilfully blends innovation and history.At Sogni, we celebrate substance, placing a strong emphasis on tradition, love and deep respect for the Earth, nature and animals.

It is a unique simplicity that transcends the boundaries of our menu, transforming it into a new and attainable lifestyle.


The choice of location is not accidental: the large hall, the original jardind'hiver, the Italian-inspired small tables, an assembly room with a single large convivial table, and the bar with a large counter made entirely of zinc with its contrasting play of materials, tell a long story of Italianism and hospitality. A precursor of their own destiny, the walls of Sogni housed one of the city's first private kindergartens in the early 20th century, then abandoned for a long time until today, when its doors finally reopened to retrace the footsteps of a long history of human warmth and hospitality.